12 August (Elder Griffin’s Birthday!)

Thanks for all of the Birthday Wishes! 21.. weird
This week has been good, we ve been staying pretty busy. Alexis is doing great. We have met with her a lot this week and she is still excited to get baptized. It is cool how she suddenly recieved an answer that it is true, and now she is so determined to get baptized. It is like a switch was flipped. We are really excited for her though, and so is the ward.
On saturday we had a ward activity at our ward mission leaders house, it was sweet! It was just a BBQ at the river, but it was a ton of fun. It was really good for the ward to do something like that. His house is sweet, he has 100 acres on the Shenandoah River, and it is perfect to go swimming in. I told him i was going to come back after my mission to come and swim.
This week should be pretty busy too, we have a couple of long meetings, then on Friday it is Mormon Night at Camden Yards, so we get to go to the baseball game! It will be fun, even though it will be a long day of driving, it will probably take us close to 3hrs one way.
Mom- Thanks for the package, i wasn’t expecting that, but its always nice to have candy! Do you know who Marc is going to marry?
Dad- thats good that you have an excuse to go to the games now. Im not sure what we ll do for fun today.. 
Andy- Im glad you got everyone to go to the concert with you, Thats weird about the facebook stuff… I’m glad i ll still be known as an “old school” missionary ha
Ty- I am looking forwad to the saturday after i get home!
sorry it was short today!
Los amo

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