5 August

This week has gone by fast! Since there are three of us it makes it easier to do exchanges, so this week has been full of exchanges. I spent the whole weekend in Romney West virgina
Alexis is doing well, she came to church and we have been teaching her a lot. Its cool to see how the spirit really works on people, with Alexis it was kind of hear teaching her at first. Then one day she recognized the spirit and everything turned around. We are still working a lot with the members, on saturday there is a ward activity at our ward mission leaders house on the Shenendoah river, its going to be sweet! So we are helping the members invite their friends to that.
We saw another bear on wednesday, we were a lot closer this time. We saw it in the road so we drove up to it, we were about 15-20 feet away. Unfortunatly it was too dark to get a good picture. It was crazy though, we were watching it for a couple min, then it freaked out and charged us in the car. My heart stopped for a couple min.
We have been working with a LA this week, she is from Iran. It is crazy some of the stuff she has been through to get here. Her dad was high up in the Goverment over there, and he tried to keep the peace, long story short, he had to leave. Her son also has some pretty bad health problems. so life has been pretty tough. She ahs a hard time understanding that bad thinkgs happen to good people. Before we left we gave her a blessing, it was pretty powerful. It is amazing to be able to feel just a part of how much Heavenly Father really loves us. Even though she has had an incredibly tough life, i could feel how much He loves her.
Mom- That all sounds great to me.
Dad- The well sounds like quite the project. I love shark week
Andy- Go for the one with the guest house!
Well i gotta go now, i ll talk to ya ll later
los amo

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