29 July

It has been a good week! It feels like a lot has happened.
Everything is going good in the trio. We all get along pretty good, it is kind of weird training in a trio, its almost like im taking a parenting class..
On wednesday we were out working and got a call form one of our members wanting a 6 BOMs. So we went and gave them to him and asked what he needed them for, he said his friend teaches religion at a school and wanted him to do a presentation. So he invited us to come along. i knew it was going to be good when we walked in and they were watching an anti-mormon video. We walked in right during the part about the Mountain Meadow Massacre. haha we got a lot of questions from that video, But it was really fun, im glad we were there to answer the questions. Even though we didn’t have anytime to prepare, you could tell the spirit was helping us out when we were trying to answer all the questions.
Things with Genevieve are slowing down a bit, her mom got put in the hospital and then she got sick, so we haven’t seen her for a while. But we are teaching a girl named Alexis, she is doing awesome. She came to church last week and loved it, She is working to get baptized on the 17th of Aug. She couldn’t come to church yesterday though cause it was her 19th Birthday and her family had plans. Less Active work has been going really well though, we are workin with A LOT of less active families. We are working with a Spanish family that just moved back into the ward after being gone for a year. When they were gone the wife got antied pretty hard. There has never been a spanish missionary specifically in this area so she has never really been able to asked a lot of the questions she has had, there is a reason why im still here! Another family we have been workin with is the Hayes family. I might have already told you a little about them. The dad is 79 years old and was baptized over 50 yrs ago. He hasn’t been to church in over 20years. When E. Etter and i first got in the area we went to visit him and told him that he needed to come to church and all that but he was really stubborn. Then one day we just went over and started talking to him, just to get to know him better. Then when we were leaving he said, “well, aren’t you going to tell me i need to come to church?’ All we said was ” you already know you need to come to church” Then he laughed and said “dont be surprised if i stop by sometime.” It has been a couple of months, and we have still been visiting him, but last week he finally came to church! it was sweet. He came again this week, and he brought his son that as of a month ago didn’t even know that he was a member, and he has a family that aren’t members that we are going to start working with! It has been pretty cool, it also gets the ward really excited when all these less actives come back to church, especially when they all have been giving up on these people.
“For Charity never failith”
Mom- Thats good about grandpas house, and the beans! There are a lot of changes happening this year, but dont worry, i dont think you ll be empty nesters for a while!
Andy- Congrats on graduating, i bet its a nice relief getting all that out of the way.
Ty- That sounds like a fun trip, Im glad you finally converted to dirt bikes:) Thats awesome you got ordained yesterday! I felt the same way when i got the MP, but going on a mission has really helped me learn a lot more about it from experiences, especially in the last 6 months.  
Well gotta go
Los amo
Ps we are in the library and some guy fell asleep in one of the chairs, his snoring is really distracting!

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