22 July

It has been a good week, probably cause it was different! It’s nice having changes to get you out of routines.
On wednesday we made the 100 mile trip to columbia and back to go pick up Elder Mackay. It was a weird transfer meeting, E. Gill and E. Etter both went home. 40 New missionaries came in, it was pretty crazy, the place was packed. Elder Mackay is pretty cool, he is from Centerfield Utah. He is a good missionary, I am excited for this transfer. It is weird to me that he is younger then Tyler. Today we finally just got the apartment all organized from the move, i thought the appaartment was small with just two of us in there.. It is nice for me having him around cause i havent told him when i go home, so he still thinks i have like 6 months left, and there are only like 2 member that know when i go home and i told them not to say anything when he is around. So hopefully I ll get to go the whole transfer without it being brought up at all.
Soccer was pretty awesome on Tuesday, it was the perfect situation for member missionary work. We went and played soccer, they saw us as normal people, then we went to the members house, ate, and shared a message with a few of them. It was perfect, now we just gotta get stuff like that happening with all the families in the ward. Playin soccer was pretty fun though, it was nice to get out and run around for a bit. It was very hot though. This last week has been pretty hot!
On thursday we had a miracle, the miracle that i’ve been waiting for the whole time ive been in Front Royal….. We saw a BEAR! We were driving down the road and i saw him in someones yard. So we jumped out of the car with our cameras and got some pictures. It was sweet! i would’t be surprised if we saw more the next little while, we have heard a lot of people saying that there are a lot more coming around by our house. The senor missionaries that live across the street said they even saw a mama and two cubs on friday
We had another cool experience last week, but it started a couple months ago. One day Me and E. Etter were driving and decided to stop by a less active member. We went in and talked to the wife for a while, and the husband wouldn;t come down. So for us it was just kind of a disappointment, cause they said they didnt want any contact with the church or anything. A week later the Senor couple, the Kunz, went up to visit them too, without knowing we had been up there a week earlier. They had the same experience we did. But a week after that, the husband got really sick, and was in the hospital. They didn’t expect him to live. So his wife called the kunz and asked them to come visit them. They went up and talk with them for a while, then the husband asked for a blessing. So he gave him a blessing and in the blessing he was promised that his life would be preserved if he got it back in order. We later found out that he had gotten his membership removed from the Church years before. A few days later he got out of the hospital, then he met with the bishop to  find out what he needed to do to get re baptized, and last week he was baptized. It was another awesome baptism. After the baptism E. Kunz asked the wife why she decided to call them when he was put in the hospital. She said that they were the only people she could think of at the time. She said “I knew i had to call you because before you and the Elders came it had been more then two years since anyone form the church had stopped by, so i knew Heavenly Father sent the Elders then you guys to send us a message.” We had no idea any of this was going to happen after that first visit. It was a testimony builder, Heavenly Father has a plan for each one of us!
Mom- It sounds like you had fun at camp!
Dad- I ll never get use to the Humidity. I actually havent heard anything about that soccer game, but it doesn’t surprise me that there were more fan for El Salvador haha
Andy-Thats pretty cool you got first place for your app!
Well, gotta go!
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