15 July

This week has been good, a lot of the usual stuff going on.
It is going to be an interesting transfer coming up though, we are getting 40 new missionaries on Wednesday! I am going to be staying in Front Royal with Elder smith, but.. we are going to be training as well. We are going to be in a trio. It’s going to be a little weird i think, but im excited. Training  is my favorite thing to do.
We are still working with Genevieve, its going well, it is just a little frustrating right now because of some of the stuff going on. We have really been pushing to work with the ward, there are just a lot of bumps in the road. We could go out and do everything ourselves and see some success, but just from all the new training and stuff we are suppose to get the ward involved a lot more. It is hard cause it is still in the beginning stages and not everyone is on the same page. It almost feels like we have to wait for stuff to happen with the ward before we can really take off. Just some of the growing pains i guess. We are going to make things happen this transfer though! Tomorrow we are going to play soccer with a bunch of non-members, a lot of them play for the high school team and some leagues out here. It should be fun, we’ll see if i can still play!
Mom- Thats cool you are going up to Porcupine, i like it up there. So with my bike i guess ill just sell it to another missionary out here?
Dad- Im’ glad you still have all ten fingers haha. sounds pretty intense. I’m glad you ll have some projects for me to do! Did you go to Lewis Elementary? There is a lady out here that is from ogden and she said she went to Lewis elementary.
Andy- Thats cool that you are almost done with school, when do you move to Cali? september?
Jess- That dream just might come true! haha, that is cool you are training for a half marathon, i feel pretty out of shape these days
Ty- Sounds like stuff at work is pretty different, are you practicing spanish with Jose? This is the stuff i have from that list that you can have, there is probably more stuff too
-first aid kit
-sewing kit
-alarm clock
-laundry bag
– Shoe shining kit (needs polish)
Well i gotta go
Los amo

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