8 July 2013

Things have been pretty “normal” this week, and as of right now we still have the whole p-day to do stuff that we need to do.
This weekend i was on exchanges in Luray, it was pretty cool, it is a small branch about 45 min away from Front Royal. There were 21 people at church, and 4 of them were visitors. So it was a cool experience. Last night we visited an inactive family that lives up in the hills. They are pretty cool, they use to be a way solid family in the ward, he was even the ward mission leader for a while. They ended up getting offended and left, and have now gotten into some other things. They like having us come over though. They are really into brewing. He even showed us how to make moonshine. So there is definatly some work to be done, but they have a lot of potential.
Genevieve is doing ok, there have been a couple things happen in the ward that has kind of pushed her away, but she is still interested, and im pretty confident that she will get baptized soon. We got kinda nervous about her this week though cause we couldn’t get ahold of her.  I think the biggest obstacule right now is the boyfriend. We stopped by to see her but no one answered the door, then one of her neighbors told us that she was home, we just needed to walk around and yell up at the window. So we did that and her boyfriend came to the window and started chewing us out pretty bad. but we kept trying to talk to him to find out more about what was going on with Genevieve. Then he started getttin really mad, and told us that he was going to shoot us, so unfortunalty we didn’t get to talk to her that day, but since then we have been able to talk to her and still feel pretty good. The 4th was pretty normal, there actually wasnt a whole lot going on around here, we got a big thunderstorm right inthe middle of the day, so that probably got some people discouraged. It has been pretty warm this week, the rain is nice while it is raining, but it is terrible right after. It makes it even more humid!
With all the less active work and stuff we have been doing lately i ve really been thinking about how important charity really is. So many people leave the church because they dont feel loved. There was a less active that came to church yesterday for a bit and then left, when we stopped by after church to talk to him he told us he left cause he didnt feel like he belonged there. He walked in, and sat by himself, and besides the missionaries and a hello from his hometeacher, nobody talked to him. I wonder what difference it would have made if someone would have just talked to him for a little bit and helped him feel more important. I felt pretty bad. That is just one of the MANY  good and bad experiences we have had with that kind of stuff.
Transfers are next week, so we will see what happens, i have no idea if i am staying or going. I am happy either way. Ther is a lot of good stuff going on here right now, but its also fun to go to new areas. I guess we will see what happens.
Mom- It sounds like a big job down at grandpas
Dad- I bet we could think of some pretty cool things to do with the nissan and the van……..
Ty-Happy Birthday!! Let me know about the stuff you need, cause im going to have to decide what to do with a lot of it here pretty soon. Especially the bike
los amo

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