1 July

It has been a good/different week this week.
First of all everything is worked out with that family, the daughter is staying with a friend, and he is still in the hospital. So we will see what happens.
On tuesday i went on exchanges with some missionaries in Petersburg, its about a 2 1/2hrs away. They are in a trio, so i went there with 2 of them. It was an interesting exchange. Both missionaries have some struggles. Then straight from there i went on an exchange to Romney. Romney is a weird place. It seems like it is 2 steps behind the rest of the world. But we had a fun exchange. After that I came back to our area and one of the assistants came on exchages with us from thursday til saturday. So it has been the week of exchanges! It was good though, it helped us feel a lot better about what we are doing. Member work is a different process, it is a lot slower, so a lot of times you feel like things aren’t going right. We just gotta have patience! It has been pretty hot here too, not quite as hot as it has been over there, but this humidity is a killer!!
We had a really cool experience yesterday. There is a lady in the ward that we have been working with the whole time i have been here, she was excommunicated a while ago and has been working towards getting re baptized. It was a little different teaching her because of the situation. The bishop calls all the shots with the baptism of an excommunicated members, so its been a little difficult. But yesterday she had a disiplinary counsel to find out where she is at. Before she went in she asked me for a blessing. I have never had an experience like that with a blessing, it was really powerful. Then she went into the meeting and we went out to work. A couple hours later she called us and said she was getting baptized at 5 o clock! So we went back to the church to get everything ready for the baptism. It was the best baptism i have ever been to. The spirit was so strong. It was so strong because she had really experienced the power of the atonement, and she knew what it was like to not have all those blessing in her life that she had before. So after more then 10 yrs she now has the gift of the holy ghost back in her life. It was pretty awesome.
Well, we just found out that we need to go help a family move, i guess P day will be cut short again this week haha.
mom- I got the stuff, i was actually just thinking the other day that i hadnt had tootsie rolls for a while, Thanks!!
Dad- New car eh? thats pretty cool! What are you gonna do with the nissan?
Andy- how much longer til school gets out?
Jess- What have ya’ll been up to?
Ty- I talked to a family from Lima Peru yesterday, they were really excited that you were going down there! They told me to tell mom that most of Lima is pretty safe haha. So what kind of stuff do you need to take with you? cause i have a lot of stuff that you can have. Maybe you can make a list of stuff you need so i can check, i am thinkin about sending some stuff home that i dont need anymore. Do you need a bike?
los amo


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