17 June

Things have been good this week. Lots of cool stuff happening.
The lady we found last week, Genevieve, is doing awesome. She is so prepared! We have met with her a few times this week and she came to church yesterday. When we met with her on monday she was so excited, she had already downloaded the BOM on her phone and read 9 chapters! Then she told us how happy she feels and how she knows this is what she needs. It was sweet, before we left we asked her who she knew that would be interested in our message and she said, ” I dont know anyone right now, but i ll let you konw on wed.” So we met her at the church on wed. and she told us that she called one of her friends to invite her to church, it turns out that her friend is a less active member that we have been working with and was already committed to coming to church on sunday! Its been awesome to see how things have just been falling into place with her. Everyday she tells us some new reason why she knows that she need to join the church. The only concern we have with her is that she smokes, but that wont stop her!
We are also workin a lot with The swindell family, we found them a little while ago, they are pretty cool, they have just had a hard time making it to church. But they did come to the Pig Roast on saturday, so they got to meet a lot of people. The Less active work is going really well too, the first part of my mission i didn’t like less active work, but now i really like it. It is a big focus right now in our mission. This week coming up should be pretty busy, we are planning on doing a temple trip this weekend with some recent converts and investigators, so that will be good.
Mom- I’m glad the funeral went well, i thought about you all last monday.
Dad- Happy Fathers day! I hope you had a good fathers day yesterday!
Andy- Sheesh 5 more weeks of school, its goin quick! So are there any new cool apple things that came out?
Ty- 25 hrs isnt a whole lot in the summer, does kort work a lot? Thats pretty cool that Brady is going to the same mission! You should go the the mission president seminar broadcast on the 23rd. I think it will be pretty exciting. oh, and dont stress out about the spanish… it ll come in Peru!
Los amo

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