10 June

I hope everyone is doing ok today. It sounds like you are all doing pretty well.
It’s been a busy week this week, we had transfers on wednesday, so we spent a good part of the day driving. My new comp is Elder Smith, he is from Mesa Arizona. We are getting along pretty well. He has been out about a year. President called and told me about Grandpa on thursday morning, he has been crazy busy with all these new missionaries coming in, thats why he wasn’t able to get your call on wednesday, but he called me first thing on thursday morning. We have been keeping pretty busy so that keeps me pretty focused.
We have still been teaching these new families, they are pretty solid families. But they do have some obstacles to overcome. It might take a little bit, but i feel pretty good about working with them. We aren’t working with jim that much anymore, he told us that he just can’t give up the smokes. He wants to get baptized, but he just doesn’t think he can give it up. So we haven’t been focusing as much on him, he is still trying, but we feel like we need to spend our time working with other people.
We had a pretty cool miracle this week though, we got a media refferal (i was really excited cause that never happens in spanish work!)  Elder Etter wasn’t as excited cause he says they usually dont turn out to be very solid… he was right. She was an interesting person, she was raised in pentocostal churchs, and she was very loud in expressing her faith. After the prayer she yelled “CLAP IF YOU LOVE JESUS!!!” and she made us clap while she continued yelling. So we then took control of the situation and tried to teach her, but it just wasn’t happening. While all this was going on, her neighbor came over and sat in, so we started to talk to her a little bit. It was pretty hard because Juanita was very distracting, so we were getting ready to leave and Jen said, “can i tell you guys a secret?” We were kind of hesitant, but she said, “On june 10th ten years ago i was suppose to get dunked”  She met with missionaries for 6 months in Switzerland 10 years ago, and she remembers a ton. She is really interested in getting back into it,and finding a church. Its cool just how it all worked out, cause we had been trying to get in with the Refferal for quite a while, but it just never worked out. But we got in when we were suppose to.
Well, i hope yo uall have a good week!
los amo

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