3 June

Holy Smokes!
There is a lot going on over there.
LIMA PERU! Thats so sweet!!! I’m so excited for you TY. Peru is awesome! I think it’s an awesome part of the world. I ‘ve met a lot of people from Peru and Bolivia and they are all convinced that that area is where Christ came when he came to the americas, obviously that isn’t docterine, but they had some pretty good stuff to back it up. But dang, that is so exciting! One of our investigators right now is from Peru, and the branch president in Frederick is from Peru, they make is sound like a pretty amazing place. Plus, that have really good success down there. And it’s cool that we get some time to hang out before you go, work on some spanish! So who guessed the closest? Argentina was pretty close…
Things have been going pretty good here, we have been doing a ton of less active work, and it has been going very well. We just got the record from a lady that moved in about a year ago, so we went and visited her, and the timing couldn’t have been better for us to get her records. She got baptized when she was 18 her family was pretty againt it so she was pretty much on her own. So she joined the military and made a career out of it, and eventually started falling away from the church. Then she got married to a guy that was very anti, so basically she hasn’t been to church for a very long time. One of her old friends back home that was a member of the church just barely got contact with her again and sent her records out here so we were able to konw about her. It turns out that she is going through a prety bad divorce, and things just aren’t going very well for her. She has been pretty depressed and lonely, but we have been able to teach her a few times and she came to church yesterday for the first time in forever and it really made her happy. It so cool to see how the Lord works thorough other people. It’s not a coincidence that her friend decided to look her up and send her records right when all this stuff started happening to her.   
its transfers this week, Elder etter is being transfered, so im getting a new companion on wednesday!
  Thats pretty tough to hear about Grandpa, tell him that i love him! And thanks for the example that he has ALWAYS been for me.
Los amo
P.S. what a miracle… the pathfinder passed first try! What did you do to it to make it pass?

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