27 May

Its been a pretty good week this week, a lot of good stuff happening.
Exchanges were pretty good, ever since about last July i ve gone on exchanges almost every week. But just recently we have been doing 48hr exchanges or weekend exchanges, and i like them a lot better, it’s kind of hard when you only have 1 day in another area. I went with Elder Haycock, his sister is the one that mom and ty met. We found a lot of cool people down there.
Jim is doing alright, he is doing a lot better with the smoking, and has quit for a few days, but he will get there! The last little while since we have been working so much with the members it has been a bit of a struggle to find new people, member work is slow. But this week was really good, we found 2 awesome real growth families. Its cool to see that we are trying to work with the members and find real growth people, but then we get blessed with these two sweet famlies that we can work with while the member work picks up.
The first family is a pretty young family, Devon and Ashley. They were found on a rainy night at about 8:45, perfect time for a miracle! When we knocked on there door Devon answered and said “BIBLE SALESMEN, Come in!!” Then he went running around his house looking for his wife saying you gotta come meet the bible salesmen! They are way solid though, last time we met with them he said in his prayer, “thank you for this new church that we are about to join”. They are a really fun family to teach, Devon is a comidian in D.C. so it usually pretty entertaining.
The other one we met on saturday afternoon. We were walkin down the street and saw a guy sitting on his porch so we talked to him for a bit and he started asking us questions. We didnt get to teach him, but we invited him to chruch, he promised he would be there and be on time. On Sunday he walked into the Church at 8:15 (45 min early). He loved it! He said that he felt so good there and everyone was so nice, and that he will be coming back. We went over to his house and taught him after church and he accepted everything. Unfortunatly we still didnt meet his family, but he has like 5 kids and his wife. We are excited about them!
Mom- That’s pretty crazy that Marc is getting married, any idea to who? Tell Grandpa and everyone else that i said hello!
Dad- Sounds like you’ve got some projects on your hands. Good luck!
Andy- Thats cool you get to go back to cali, good luck with the interviews. Ya the Cicadas are pretty nasty, they are getting worse out here, it sound like there are sirens going off all day
Jess- Where did you all go for vacation?
Ty- Congrats for graduating. Pretty exciting week coming up! I think you are going to China, I think big stuff is about to happen in China. So whats going on at the cemetary now?
Well i gotta go, lookforward to hearing about the mission call hopefully next week!
los amo


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