20 May 2013

It has been a pretty busy week! We taught a lot, and did lots of service, so this week flew by. I went on exchanges to Romney for close to 3 days, its pretty far away so we decided to make it a little bit longer. It was good though, there are also a lot of crazy people out there, i got to hold someones pet pig. This week i ll be going on another exchange to Petersburg, even farther away. So it will be another long exchange as well. I think its the farthest away from the mission office out in west virginia, it should be pretty exciting.
Things are going good with Jim, we will see him tonight and we will be taking all of his cigarettes and ash trays, today is quit smoking day! We have been doing a lot of work with Less actives, it is going pretty well, that has never really been a huge focus on my mission, but now its a big part.
Out here there are these big bugs called cicadas and i guess like every 17 years they have an summer where even more come out, i dont know exactly what happens, just that there are tons of these giant loud flying bugs that come out. But anyways, they have already started to come out, and they are everywhere! They are still pretty small, but the ground at the church is covered in them. It should be interesting to see how it goes.
Sorry its short today, but we gotta run,
Los amo

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