6 May

This week has been good. It has probably been the most “normal” week we have had since we’ve been here.
Everything is going good with the Villalobo-Sanchez family. They are still progressing very well. They haven’t been able to make it to church though, Freddy had to work yesterday and also again next sunday. He usually never works on sundays, just dumb little things come up… as they usually do. But we took them on a Church tour this week on a Mutual night so the church was pretty busy, and they liked it a lot, especially the kids. They started crying when they had to leave, so thats a good sign, they’ll come to church! Things are still going the same with Jim, its kind of frusterating, he is still progressing and keeping all of his commitments, but i guess we just gotta keep being patient with him.
We have still been doing a lot of service, the past at least 3 weeks we have done more then 10 hrs a week. Lots of yard work and random jobs. There are TONS of little knats out here, as soon as you get outside they attack, and the bite, and leave little mosquito bite bumps. BUt im still enjoying the service It has been good, it’s really starting to pay off with the members. Almost all of our focus is on Member work right now. It’s the way to find “real growth” out here. Member work is good, but the process is a lot longer. It’s hard cause we all want fast baptisms, but it doesn’t really happen like that with member work. It pays off though. 
So…. Im not really sure whats going on next week, we do get to skype though. Im just not sure when or where yet. Mothers day kind of snuck up on us. But we are allowed to make a quick phone call this week to set everything up.. so i ll call ya:)
Sorry its short today, but we are having a zone activity at the Shenandoah River and we gotta go get it all ready, talk to ya soon!
Mom- Im glad there is a new temple close by to go to now. When is the Ogden temple going to re open?
Dad- The weather has been pretty nice lately, we haven’t biked in this area, but this month might be different, we took a mile cut! Thats funny about the Spuirrel haha, Did you eat it after? There is a lot of wild life out here, our goal is to see a bear!
Andy- That good that there is at least conversation going on about a job, i hope it all works out!
Los amo

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