29 April

It has been a good, busy week!
There was a lot of stuff going on this week. We spent quite a bit of time on the road, but it was kinda fun since we got the new subaru on Wednesday:) The drive down to transfer meeting was pretty crazy though. Since our area is kinda in a weird spot in the mission it is less miles for us to go out of the mission and drive through DC (with permission). The traffic was terrible, ha i dont think i could ever live out here just for that reason. But we did make it. Transfer meeting was pretty good, we got 19 new missionaries, and next transfer we will be getting 29! When i came it there were 4 of us. So it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Elder Weeks went home, which is pretty sad, he was one of my favorite companions.
The work was pretty good this week, even though we didn’t have as much proseliting time. Things with Jim aren’t going as well though. He wants to get baptized and join the church and everthing, but something just isn’t clicking with him. We decided he isn’t quite ready to be baptized this week, we have really been focusing on real growth people and making sure people are actually converted. Out here there are just a lot of people on the roles that aren’t converted and make lots of problems for the ward, so we want to make sure he is really converted.
The new spanish family we started teaching are doing really well! I’m the only spanish missionary in the Zone so i will still be able to teach them. We had a pretty cool miracle with them last night. We were teaching them and they had a lot of questions about baptism, and then Teresa said, Oh ya, my mom just got baptized in your church today. Her mom lives in Mexico, and she said that her mom had been going to church for a while, but she never knew which church. Then she called to tell her she was getting baptized, and finally told her what church. Now they have had a lot more questions and desire to learn, it was pretty cool!
Mom- Thanks for getting the stuff! i think dad was going to send some pictures too, so talk to him before you send it. I actually got a letter from Shane this week, i think he wrote it a while ago though, it sounds like he is doing well. I haven’t heard a whole lot from Jordan, but im glad he is doing good!
Dad- A lot of the drive was cause of Zone leader stuff, and it did take quite a bit of time from our Investigators. I ll be looking forward to the pictures!
Andy- Almost done with school eh? then do you head off to cali? I think i remember a sis. Swisher, but i forgot that she was coming in so i didn’t say anything to her
Jess- Sounds like you had an exciting week. One of our new investigators this week worked on the swat team, now he does undercover work with drug deals. He lets us in on all the stuff that goes down in Front Royal.
Ty- Ha, don’t worry, Im sure work will start to pick up for you real quick! Thats pretty exciting about your papers! you’ll have to keep me posted!
Los amo!


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