15 April

It sounds like everything is going pretty normal back home.
Things are going good here. Lots of work to do!
We are working with a guy named Jim. He is the friend of a less active member. We started teaching him last week, within the last week and a half he has read up to Alma, so that is really cool! He says he likes it and believes that it is true. He is working to get baptized on the 4th of May. He has a couple things to get over, but he is working for that day. We are working to try and find some more solid people, we are finding a lot of people, but they aren’t really kingdom builders. So that has been one of our main focuses.
One of the things that we have been doing this week is trying to build relationships with the members. The members really liked the last missionaris that were here, but not really as Missionaries. They just like to “hang out” with the missionaries. When we got here right off the bat we could tell that the Member/Missionary relationship was too casual. So because of that and also because we were just really busy with other people we hadn’t seen a whole lot of members. But I think some of the members got offended that we hadn’t just dropped by to hang out. A lot of the members say that they understand that we are missionaries, and even admit that it was too casual with the other missionaries. So we are working to try and build those relationships in the right way. But there are still a few people that think we are the “serious zone leaders” cause we dont go over just to hang out for hours. It has been cool to get to know a lot of these people though, there are a lot of good people out here. We have done a lot of service again this week. Our ward mission leader Bro. Stickley,  has a farm, way out in the hills, so we went out there on saturday and helped him put up fence, and fed his cows, and lamas. Then we had some fresh hamburgers (former pet of Bro. Stickley). That was pretty fun, in spanish work you dont really get opportunities to do stuff like that cause they all like in Apartments and stuff. I think thats one of my favorite parts of doing English work in the hills, all of the opportunities to do good service.
Front Royal is an interesting little town. The city is pretty small, and some parts are a little ghetto, we have heard of a few stabbings since we’ve been here. I think its more dangerous in the hills though hah. The people out here are a lot different though, they all just seems really close minded. We get a lot of rejections everyday. I think it is because most of the people have lived here there whole lives and just aren’t use to anything different. But there are defiantly a lot of people ready to recieve the Gospel! The weather has been weird, Last sunday it was about 50 degrees, the by tuesday is was up to about 85. It got hot really fast, and within a day the trees were blooming and everything got green, so that was pretty cool. Now the weather has dropped a bit and they say it is suppose to be in the 70’s this week.
Mom- I do miss the Spanish work, but i like the English work too. It is interesting to see the difference in the cultures.
Dad- Ya, once those blossoms come out its just like a natural air freshener, its pretty nice haha. OUr zone actually doesn’t have a lot of sisters in it… not yet anyways. And ya, we haev had to look for apartments since october haha.
Andy- Well im glad that you still find a little time to date sence you ve been so busy!
Well, i gotta go!
los amo

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