8 Apr

It has been another pretty good week.
We have been able to find a few more pretty solid people to teach, we have been having tons of miracles. It’s cool to see all the blessings we have been getting.
On Tuesday we had a leadership meeting, while we were there Toni left us a voice mail and said, “im going down to the Catholic church to tell them im not going back, I at least own them that.”
When wwe went to see her that night we asked her how it went, she said she walked in and told them that she found another church, the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. And the said, “Oh, so your going to be a mormon?” Toni- “Whats wrong with being a Mormon? They are good people, and i found Heavenly Father in their church” Catholic- “Well, we are just sorry that you are leaving” Toni- “Im not!”
Thats just a little bit of what Toni is like, but her baptism was awesome. After conference they had a little Pot luck thing, and then the Baptism. There were a lot of people there to support her. It was probably the most spiritual baptism i’ve been to. Her testimony was pretty cool too.
We have been able to do a lot of service this week for the members, that has been really good. It really builds the trust when they see that you can work hard. The Missionaries before us were kind of slackers, so the Ward was use to Missionaries that would just come over and hang out and stuff, so they were always expecting us to do the same, but now i think they are starting to understand a little bit more about why we are here.
Mom- I hope everything is going good with Grand pa. We have been able to find more solid people, so i think the momentun will keep up. me and elder etter are getting along good, evern though we are pretty different. But hey, both of our first names is Eric.
Dad- I hope you had a Good Birthday! What did you all do?
Andy- Haha that picture is sweet. ya that is weird that finals are over conf. weekend.
Well, i gotta roll
talk to ya later
los amo

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