1 April

It has been another good week in Front Royal.
The time flies by out here. Its crazy that i ve already been here almost 3 weeks.
Yesterday was really cool, Church was very good. The speakers were the Senor Missionaries and they gave awesome Easter talks. The third hour all the adults were combined and they bishop gave a lesson on reaching out to friends and less active members. During the class people were sharing experiences that they have had, and then Toni raised her hand to share her experience.
She said ” On March 16th i just got back from Catholic Church, but i felt empty, and not close to God. I prayed to god for guidance, then i changed my clothes and heard a knock on the door. I looked out the window and saw two guys, i usually don’t open the door, but i opened it. It was the missionaries, they said that Heavenly Father sent them to my house to tell me that he loved me. I said yeah right! They told me about Joseph Smith and gave me a pamphlet. After they left i read it 3 times to make sure they were telling me the truth, and they were! (now crying) Then i came to Church and started reading the scriptures, now i feel close to God. I never thought i would be this close to God, I finally feel like God loves me.”
It was one of the coolest experiences that I’ve had on my mission, by the time she sat down everyone in the room was crying. She is getting baptized next Sunday in between conference sessions. She is the most prepared person that i have ever met in my life. We also went to the temple with her this week, haha she loved it. We watched to Joseph Smith movie, and she jsut kept saying “I love mormons, Im never gonna let anyone do anything bad to the mormons.” Sheesh, what a miracle.
Mom-Thanks for the Package! Im enjoying the easter candy. The weather has been ok the last couple days, in between 50 and 60. I’m pretty sure that is the right date.
Dad- It has been ok switching from English to Spanish, I’m still finding Spanish people to teach though haha. Ya, we live pretty slose to that train
Andy- Thats pretty cool that you are almost done with school. Im jealous
Ty- Track sounds like fun, do Randy and all them do track too?
Well, gotta go, enjoy General Conference!
Los amo

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