25 March

It sounds like there is a lot of stuff going on, its good to hear about ya’ll
Well, its snowing so the cars are grounded today, so we are at the Senor Couples house e mailing ( they live right across the street). It has been a really good week though, we have been teaching like crazy. Thweek has flown by. We have seen a lot of blessings.
Jennifer was baptized yeterday, it was a good service. A lot of the members came to support them. I was going to send pictures, but i keep forgetting my camera. It was cool cause her husband got to baptize her.
Antonette, (Toni) is doing awesome, oly cow she is such a miracle. She has read 13 chapters in the BOM, 40 pges in true to the faith, 55 pages in daughters of our kingdom, and 40 pags of Gospel Principles. It is pretty amazing, especially since she had stroke in 2008 and it is tough for her to read. Its just amazing to see the miracles achanges that happen when people keep the commandments. She has changed so much in the week that we have been teaching her. The ward is really excited about her too.
I havent really heard anything about Carlos and his family. He was suppose to get baptized yesterday, but i saw a report last week, and i dont think it happened yet. I think he is still working on getting married. I think his kids got baptized yesterday though, but im still waiting ot hear.
MOm- It sounds like you had a pretty good birthday!
Dad- I hope everything goes well today!
Andy- Hurry up and get that app finished haha
Jess- SOunds like the Vacation/ Flight was pretty cool.
P.s .. My realese date is the last week in august

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