18 March

Wow, Im not sure really where to start haha.
There was a lot of stuff that happened this week, i don’t even think i remember all of it. The beggining of the week was good, We spent most of the time visiting Investigators and Members. It was pretty tough to say good bye to everyone. Then we went down to transfer meeting, because of all the changes, president wanted all the missionaries in the mission there, so it was pretty crowded. Then we found out where we were going, and it turns out that me and Elder Etter were white washing the area. I thought that he was already there, so we are both new to the area. It was crazy at transfer meeting cause there was a ton of stuff we had to do, but we didn’t know what to do or really where to go, but we finally got it all figured out. Then we started off on jour 2 hr drive into the hills of Virginia. It turns out that we weren’t going to Winchester, our area is in Front Royal… Home of the Hill billies. Haha its pretty dang crazy out here, the city of Front Royal isn’t too bad, its pretty small and dumpy. A lot of our area is the surrounding area around Front Royal, and that is where all the Hill Billies live. There are tons of baptist churchs out here too. The GPS and phone dont work very well out here either, so we spend a lot of our time lost trying to find our way around. OUr car is a little Toyota, which isn’t the best cause we spend a lot of time on little beat up dirt roads, but hey, We are getting around!
The last missionaries in the area must have been some big time slackers, when we got here we had to clean out the apartment cause it was a disaster! The area was also pretty dead, there wasn’t really a whole lot going on. The area book didn’t help us out very much either, cause it hadn’t been updated for quite a while. But we have seen some pretty awesome miracles the last couple of days. We were in an area trying to find some members, but then weren’t home. Elder Etter said, we aren’t leaving until we have a miracle. So we started knocking. After the 3rd or 4th door we found Antonette. We taught her the restoration on her porch, then invited her to Church, and she came! It was awesome. After Church we taught her again, and she accepted a baptism date, so that was a pretty cool miracle. We also visited a part member family, the wife isn’t a member, and the husband use to play on the Ravens practice football team. They have both been to church a bunch, and we were talking to Jeniffer, and she accepted to be baptized next Sunday. Another really sweet miracle!
The work is defiantly a lot different then what i’m used to, but it is going good. It’s probably going to take me a few more days to get all the way use to it. It has been a little tough for the whole zone getting use to everything, it was a pretty rough week. But things are going to turn around!
Mom- Happy Birthday! haha we didn’t really get a normal sunday meal last night, we don’t really get fed a lot here, but i did hear that one of the members that feed us makes a pretty good squirrel! (but really).
Dad- Hmm… im not sure what link you got from me yesterday, cause i didn’t send you a link yesterday. weird. Dang, 70 degrees sound pretty nice
Andy- ya, it has been pretty crazy! Hard work is the key, we wouldn’t have had those two miracles if it wasn’t for hard work!
Jess- I’ve always wanted to go to Zion and hike Angels Landing, i heard it is pretty fun! How long were you down there?
Well, i gotta bounce
Los amo

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