11 March

Hows everything going? This week has been pretty wild.
The week started off with a big winter storm warning, so everyone was freaking out about that. Then it started to snow and all of our cars got grounded and stuff so we were walking pretty much the whole day. The storm turned out to be pretty weak though, we got about and inch and a half on the ground. Since we had to walk it made the day kind of slow just cause everyone lives so far apart. Then Friday morning i woke up at about 1:30 and started throwing up, and that continued pretty much all day on Friday so we didn’t get much done, but hey, i lost about 10 lbs. I’m not even sure what i had, someone told me it could have been the ‘nano virues” Im not sure what that is, but it sounds pretty rough. It’s been kind of weird just that the last two weeks i keep getting these little bugs. So we had a couple of really slow days, but the really cool thing is that E. Pitt and I set a pretty High goal for Lessons taugh with Members Present, the highest that i have ever set. Even though we had a lot of obstacules, we were really blessed to hit our goal. It just goes to show that it really all comes down to faith!
The Lara Family is still doing awesome! There was a little bit of a scare this week because after Carlos talked to his wife she said that she didn’t want to marry him, mainly cause he has made some poor choices in life. Last night we had an awesome lesson with Him and His wife, we taught them the Law of Chastity, i didn’t know that it could be so powerful! Now they are seriously talking about marraige, and his wife wants to learn more about the Church. It’s so cool seeing all the this stuff happening. Also Axel plays on a Comp soccer team, and apperently he is pretty good. The problem is that they play on sundays, so we have been talkin to him about that. Yesterday he told us that he isn’t playing comp anymore, and that he joined a Rec team so that he can keep the sabbath day holy and still get ready for High School Soccer. That was pretty amazing just cause It is a dang hard decision for a 17 year old kid to make. He is going to go on a mission!
So…. I’m leaving Frederick on Wednesday. I pretty much knew it was coming, but man, its a tough one for me. I feel like im in my home ward. The haredst part is probably that i won;t get to teach the Lara Family anymore. But thats just how it goes.
I’m going out to Winchester Virgina, I ll be a Zone Leader in the new zone that is Opening up out there, so it will be cool to go out there. I’m getting changed to English work, that was kind of a surprise for me. It’ll will be pretty different, but im excited to see how it goes.
well, I gotta go pack! Talk to Ya’ll next week!
Los amo


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