4 March

Things are going good!
The first part of this week was kind of a drag. I was still pretty sick on Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday i went on exchanges cause i thought i was getting better, but i wasn’t. It was just a rainy stormy day all day, and we were on bikes all day, so it was a pretty miserable day. It was pretty amazing though cause i pretty much hadn;t eatin anything for two days, but i was blessed with the strength to bike all day. That was a pretty cool miracle. But i got sick again this weekend, good thing it is just a cold though.
Things pick up a lot at the end of the week. We had some pretty dang sweet lessons with Carlos and his family. Carlos and his two kids, Axel and Carla, are all on date for the 24th of March. Carlos and his wife will also be getting married before that, probably the 23rd. It is sweet! They are probably the coolest family i have met on my mission. It’s been amazing to see the changes that have happened in the last month and a half. It is a huge testimony builder for me. Everytime Carlos has temptations or anything he just starts reading in the Book of Mormon and they go away. Everytime we go over there he is just happier and happier.
We were also blessed with another cool family to start working with> they are from Honduras and have been to church before, so they have a lot of good potential. Transfers are next week, its going to be pretty interesting to see what happens. 3 new zones will be opening up this transfer with all the new missionaries coming in. I hope i stay in Frederick though haha. I feel like it’s my home ward.
Mom- I’m not exactly sure ehat is was that made me sick, something in the Bolivian food. Thats too bad weber lost. I hope Grandpa gets feeling better!
Dad- Ha thats too bad the other TV went out. Actually we have to help a lot of members with stuff like that, with their TV’s and stuff cause they never know how to do it. I’m lucky that all my comps have known how to do Techy stuff like that.
Andy- Wow, last semester of college eh? thats pretty exciting.
Well, i gotta bounce!
Los amo!

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