25 February

Hows it going? Just a heads up, its gonna be short today, i ve been kinda sick the last couple days and i just wanna rest for a bit today. Since friday i ve had a bit of a fever, then on sunday i ws feeling better, but then i think we got a little food poisoning sunday night cause both me and elder pitt were sick this morning, but he is already feeling better. I’m not feeling any better though.
Things aer going good though. Carlos and his family are doing awesome. Julissa and her family are also doing good.
mom- For that talk i guesss you could talk a little bit about Carlos. Just how the Gospel changes lives. How he was a reough guy that drank a lit and did other stuff. And by starting to come to church and read in the book of mormon he is already making changes without needing commitments. YOu can tell that he is really being converted. Also another cool part of the story is that when we found carlos it was after one of the hardest weeks of my mission, so just by being diligent, and doing everything you can you will be blessed.
Sorry for being so short today,
Los amo

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