18 February

Its good to hear from ya’ll!
Everything is going pretty good, this last week was a lot better then the the last couple. Probably one of the best weeks of my mission actually. There is a lot of good stuff happening. 
Exchanges last week with the assistants was cool, there area is in probably the roughest city in the mission.
Yesterday was really cool though. Julissa came to Church with her two young kids, and so Did Carlos and his family again. They are all so sweet! Carlos is a pretty rough guy from Mexico, we had tried by him a coulple times a few months ago and he never let us in, but one day it was raining really hard and we felt like we should knock on his door. He felt bad for us so he let us in. Him and his son were watching soccer, so we just sat down with them and started talking to them about everything. After a couple minutes they were both looking and talking to us instead of watching soccer (MIRACLE). Then they started asking us questions about church and all that, and we ended up teaching the whole restoration lesson. Then the next day we went on a Church tour, and now he has come to Church the last 2 weeks. The really cool thing is that he is changing without us saying anything to him. He told us that Saturday night he opened up a beer, then just look at it and dumped it out.. we haven’t even taught the work of wisdom yet. Its so sweet!
Also, Julissa got baptized yesterday! It was an awesome Baptism, the whole Branch was way excited and they all came to support her. Hugo, her husband also came, and he loved it! He said he is going to do everything he can to get work off on sunday so he can get Baptized too. Carlos came to the baptism and the whole branch was talking to both him and Hugo, so they got fellowshipped really well.
A lot has changed in the last couple weeks. We have been blessed a ton.
Mom-Thanks for the package! Thats exciting about the talk, i ll let you know next week. Thats also sweet about weber basketball
Andy-Happy Birthday! Thats cool that your friend is coming to the mission! I hope i get to meet her sometime, we usually don;t see a lot of other missionaries in other Zones.
ty- Welding was one of my favorite classes. Haha im glad the pathy is ok, did he hit the bumper? or the spare tire?
well I gotta go! i ll tryi and attatch some pics of yesterday. The little kid, Cesar, is the funniest kid i have ever met
Los amo

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