4 February

Hows it going? Sheesh, You have a ton of snow! I’m kind of jealous, we don’t have any over here. It just snows a lot but never sticks, this week it has just been windy and snow. It makes the biking pretty interesting.
This week was a little rough for us. A lot of stuff just kind of went crazy. Yesterday we went over to the Parra’s to make sure they were coming to Church, and it didn’t go well at all. Elba talked to her mom in Equador, and she did not like the idea of her getting baptized. She said that she needed to stay in the family religion, and that really got Elba upset. So long story short, they aren’t planning on getting baptized on the 10th. Man, it’s pretty dang tough. It’s hard just cause i know that they know it is true, she has told us over and over that she knows it is true. They will get baptized though, after a little bit of time it will get to them. When we got to Church i was pretty sad/frusterated, but then Heavenly Father gave me a little motivation to cheer up. After sacrament meeting one of the members asked me if i ever got angry, she said that she could never picture me getting angry. So that helped me just to know that there are always people watching so i couldn’t really be sad or mad.
Things are still going well with Julisa though, she is still really excited to be baptized! so that’s good news. Oh, by the way, i found out that I’m staying in Frederick for at least one more! That will make 6 transfers in the same Branch. On wednesday we get the first batch of young Missionaries, so it will be pretty cool to see how that goes.
Mom- It’s been pretty tough working with the members trying to find people to teaching, but it ll get better. Thats too bad about the table outside haha
Dad- Ya thats pretty sweet about the Ravens! It was a little exciting last night, but nothin realy big happened. New TV eh? Ya i imagine a lot of people are gettin stuck in the drive way with all the snow… Good thing you got the Pathy to pull them out :)
Sorry the letter was a little bit of a downer, but don’t worry, next week will be much better!
Los amo

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