11 February

Hows it going? Its good to hear from ya ll this week.
This week went a lot better then the last couple of weeks.Those other two weeks were pretty dang rough, buy hey, things are going better now. Its been a good lesson on patience and diligence. I’m on exchanges with the assistants today and tomorrow, and we are e mailing in the mission office today, so its kind of weird. I’m excitied to the exchange though, their area is pretty crazy. 
Everything is still goin good with Julisa, she likes church, and she likes the changes that she is making in life. The biggest thing for her is just giving up the coffee. She is willing to do it though, and she hasn’t had any for a couple of days, so that is  good. There was another pretty cool family that came to church yesterday, Carlos Lara and his two kids. He is kind of a rough guy, but he really wants to change for his kids, and he really likes what he learned and felt in church, so that was pretty sweet. He is from Mexico.
Things have been kind of weird in the Branch lately, a lot of the members aren’t liking going to church. There has just been a ton of drama in the Branch. It is kind of scary cause our investigators that come to church are starting to notice it, so we have been working a lot with the members and trying to strengthen them. I think that was a big part of why we struggled the last couple weeks, cause this week we have worked a lot more with the members, and we got blessed with other people to teach. 
Mom- I didn’t even know there was a big storm over here? That is exciting about Lindsey! That is also cool about basketball, that would be cool if they won it….. is Larsen still the coach?
Dad- More snow eh? So how much do we have now?  Do you think Weber is gonna win it? Who are some of the players?
Andy- Thanks for that advice, i liked the talk form Elder HOlland, i forgot about that talk
Los Amo!


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