28 January

I know i say this every week, but we are kinda short on time again today. The Library is packed for some reason and we had to wait forever for the computers.
Everything is goin good though! We are working with a lot of really sweet families! Julisa is on date for the 16th, we are just working with her with the word of wisdom, the whole world drinks coffee. She is doing really good though. Also, the Parra’s are on date for the Feb 10th. Well, the Mom and the daughter are. The Dad and other daughter still work on Sundays and cant make it to church, but I think after Elba and Ariana get baptized they will change that. Its sweet though, they are such a cool family. Dad, to answer your question, I would be perfectly happy staying in Frederick the rest of my mission, But going back to Baltimore would be cool too. Speaking of that, transfers are next week, so we will see what happens….
We played indoor soccer today for P-day, and its pretty rainy outside, so a lot of people didn’t work today so we had quite a bit of hispanics playin today, it was dang sweet.
It sound like ya ll had a cool week of weather, that sounds pretty crazy! The weather hasn’t been too bad here, just cold and sometimes it snows for a little bit. By the way, thanks for the Gloves, they save me on bike days!
Mom- I’m glad to here that Grandpa is doin better!
Dad- Ya the superbowl isn’t really a big deal with the Hispanic people, but i bet its pretty crazy in the city!
Andy- It sounds like workin for apple is a pretty sweet gig!
 sorry it was short today!
Los amo

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