22 January

Sorry i couldn’t write yesterday, the Library was closed.
Things have been going pretty good, a lot of the same stuff though. Its a bit of a challenge getting adjusted to the member work. It was hard enough getting members to come out to lessons with us haha, but its coming along, it ll be really good once we get the hang of it.
Elba and Ariana Parra came to church again yesterday, it was pretty dang sweet! Jose still works on sundays though. We stopped by sunday and 10 to remind them about church, but they weren’t planning on coming cause they had some other plans. We talked to them for an hour, and they finally decided that it was more important to come to church. It was cool cause on sunday pretty much everything was about baptism. She said that they want to get baptized and they know its all true and stuff, she just says she doesn’t know when they are going to do it, but i think after sunday they are a lot closer. We are really working on getting them a date this week. Hugo and Julisa are stil doing good too. I think Julisa will be getting baptized in February, so that is pretty sweet!
So a Cafe Rio jsut opened up here in Frederick, its the only one in the mission so its the talk of the mission. We went yesterday and it was pretty cool cause all the workers there are from Utah, they are just out here training people. While we were eating President and Sister Richards walked in, so that was pretty funny to see them there.
Mom- We really dont here a whole lot about politics so im not sure. On p day we usually play basketball and soccer, every other week. As far as food goes… i think within the last two week i bought eggs, and a 24 pack of hot dogs, if that answers your question haha. That is pretty interesting about Joseph Smiths leg, it sounds like the same operation haha. It has been pretty cold the last couple days, especially today
Andy- SOunds like a California is pretty nice, so when you work for Apple are you going to have to move out there?
Well, i gotta go, talk to ya’ ll next week!
Los Amo

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