14 January 2013

Sounds like everyone is doing good!
Its been a pretty good week this week, I dont think I ve had a week with that many good lessons. We taught the Parra’s 3 times, and it just got better and better everytime, they are so sweet! They say that they know that it is all true and stuff, they just want to come to church more. The tough thing is that Jose works on Sundays, but we had a really good lesson about that with them last night. They want to get baptized and everything, we are still working with them for a date though. We are also working with Hugo and Julisa, they are another pretty sweet family. Of course, Hugo works on Sundays, but Julisa came to Church and loved it. We kinda stopped going by the Canos house this week, just cause nothing was really changing, but he actually just called me a few minutes ago to set up another appt. so that is sweet, cause he never really calls to set stuff up, i hope something has changed!
Mom- Sounds like work is pretty busy right now. Haha i almost forgot about the Ben Lomand thing
Dad- Thats pretty sweet about the Ravens, i wish i was in baltimore haha. Where is Cole going again?
Andy- So how much longer are you going to be in school? Thats pretty dang sweet about your class yesterday!
Ty- Good job with the Pathy, ya you can tell people that. So does it still make the ticking sound when you accelerate? The Mountain bike club sounds pretty cool!
So i dont really have a lot of time, jsut cause the call from carlos cano, and i still have to write to President, and also send stuff to the stake president and print some stuff off for a zone meeting tomorrow. So sorry! An hour isn’t quite enough!
Los Amo!

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