7 January 2013

Hows it going. Sorry things were a little crazy last week. But yes, i did get your letter Mom, Thanks!
Things have been going pretty good here. It seems like the work is picking up a bit, surprisingly it was kinda slow during the Holidays. We are still working a lot with the Parras and the Canos. They both came to church yesterday so that was really sweet. We had kind of slowed down with the Canos just cause he works to much and isnt willing to make any kind of sacrifice, but it seems like things might be getting better with him soon. The Parras are so sweet though! We had a way cool lesson with them on saturday, we just talked about the spirit the whole time, it was so awesome when it “clicked” and they started recognizing what the spirit feels like. We watched a video, i think its called ” patterns of Light” by Elder Bednar and that helped them a lot. The member work is kind of difficult right now, just cause we dont have a ton of members, and all their friends have been taught, so we are trying to work on that. I think we ll have to convince them to start renting out rooms in their houses, and if they dont progress kick them out and start over. We did get a referal from a member the other day though, and we went to their house and it was the wrong address. It turns out that the guy that lives their is pretty dang solid, so we started teaching him. It was a cool experience cause even thought we cant knock, we ll still be lead to the people that are ready.
Things are going really good with Elder Pitt, we get along really good. I’m glad we got a second chance to be companions, the first time we just didn’t really get to know eachother. Our missions have actually been pretty similar too.
The other day we were walking in an appt. complex and a bunch of little kids camp up to us and asked if we would help get their ball out of a tree. It didn’t look like it was stuck very bad, so i took off my shoe and threw it up there, and on the first throw it got stuck in the tree. Then they brought out another ball, and tried to throw it up, then that ball got stuck in the tree too! So after 2 soccer balls and a shoe we ended up having to climb the tree to get it all down. It was a great service opportunity haha.
Mom-The weather has been pretty decent, just kinda chilly. I actually still have a pretty good supply of candy, its hard to eat it when you dont have a lot of time haha
Andy- ya thats too bad, i remember when Elder Herzog kept me up  from his snoring, i use to just slap my had on the little night stand thingy. Thats sweet you ll be working for apple still, will you still get good discounts?
Well, gotta bounce!
Los amo

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