17 December

So.. just a little heads up this letter will probably be kind of short again, our p day is short cause we have to go to the christmas party/transfer Meeting, and Elder Weeks still has some stuff to get ready. We got call outs late last night and so there hasn’t been mush time to get stuff ready, especially since we had soccer this morning. So Elder Weeks is being transfered, and he is actually going to be an assistant, so that is pretty cool. I already know who my new comp is, Elder Pitt! He was my second comp, but im excited. Its going to be good.
Things with Javier are going alright, he canciled the appt. and we were pretty bummed about that, but we stopped by on sat. and invited him to church and he came so that was really good! We’ll see him tomorrow and get stuff figured out. Things have actually been quite a bit slower the last two weeks, i think its just the new adjustment with working through the members.
I’m not exactly sure how its going to work next week with the Skype thing, the library will be closed next monday so i probably wont be able to e mail, but i will for sure let you know what time and everything. Usually they will let us give you a call or text to set it all up. But im excited to see ya’ll!
Mom-Yes i got the package, Thanks! Elder Weeks also says thanks. The whole member thing is kind a bit confusing right now, but we aren’t suppose to tell the members, its suppose to come from the Branch Pres.
Dad- That crazy that one of the kids is from Ogden. Ya we heard a bit about that, thats way sad. Your Christmas party sounds like it ll be exciting
Andy- I bet you are glad that you have a little break now.
Jess- How was snow boarding this week?
Ty- Congrats on the test, is Lamar still the Teacher? When am i getting some pathy Pics!!?
Sorry it was so short, talk to ya ll next week
Los Amo!

One Comment

  1. Merry Christmas Elder!
    have three going out this year. Shannon and Dillon are first, then Zach will follow in about 10 months! Life is good at our house and I hope the Lord continues to inspire you to be lead to those who are seeking answers and are ready to receive the gospel.
    Keep being strong and Happy holidays!
    Troy n Regina Lee and family


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