10 December

Just a warning i dont have a whole lot of time today, we have to go down and help direct traffic at the DC temple tonight and we have to leave kind of early, but it should be pretty fun!
Everything is going pretty good here, things were kind of slow last week, but that just means there are gonna be a lot of big miracles this week! I think a lot of it is from the change of doing all the work through the members, it officially starts on Jan 1st, but most of the missionaries are starting right now.
We have still been teaching Javier, he was doing awesome, no concerns at all. Then on saturday night we got a text that said, Hey, could i postpone my baptism, i dont feel ready yet. So we wanted to get over and see him or at least talk to him on the phone, but he couldn’t (stupid texting). We have an appt. with him on wednesday so we will see whats going on. We think he might be getting antied by his family. We are still working with a those families. The Parra’s are probably progressing the most right now, the daughter came to mutual and there are like 9 young women in the Branch so that went really good. They gave us a really solid commitment to come to church but they didn’t, so we left during sacrament to go knock on their door, and it actually turned out very well. They felt very guilty, and said they promise they are coming this week. The transfer is a little different this time, just cause of christmas, so we are actually getting call outs this saturday, but i imagine that i ll be staying….. hopefully.
Mom- Thats too bad about Grandpa. Tell him i said i hope  he gets feeling better and i love him. In our mission the missionaries dont do the Baptizing, Members are suppose to do it. To be honest it doesnt really feel like Christmas right now. There isn’t any snow!
Dad- Thats too bad about the car, It sounds like ty is learning a lot, just have him fix it! We haven’t gotten any snow, just rain, and its suppose to be pretty wet tonight at the temple. Haha what is the punching bag made out of? Ya there are going to be a lot of sister missionaries, I know at least in our mission we are going to be getting at least 3 times as many sisters in the next 6-8 months, Pretty crazy!
Andy-Finals week sounds rought, but hey at least its almost over! Haha thats pretty funny about the penguin thing.
Jess- HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have a good birthday tomorrow! Thats sweet that you are getting the hang of snowboarding. The Ironman thing sounds pretty cool too
Ty- Ya, i felt that way about football too, its sad, but it gets better. I actually almost did that same type of lift to the pathfinder, i didn’t just cause i wanted to at least get 3 inches on the lift. But im fine with you doing that, the only thing i have a problem with is you not sending me pictures of it! haha you need to send mee pictures of it with the lift and stuff. With that lift it might even be possible to fit 33 inch tires on it now:) You can go offroading with it, it seems like you ‘ve been puttin some good work into it. Just be careful and don’t do anything too sketchy. That is also way sweet about the Mission Prep thing you had. It sounds like it got you pretty pumped up to go! It so worth it, i know at first it can be a little scary to think about it, but its the best. Just keep going to the mission prep classes and reading PMG and the BOM and you’ll be ready! Satin is the one that makes you think you aren’t ready
Pues, Tengo que salir
Los amo

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