3 December 2012

It sounds like everyone is doing pretty good.
Well this week was pretty good. A lot of cool stuff happened. First of all we got a visit from The Missionary department in salt lake. The head guy at the MTC and someone else really high up came to visit. It was awesome. There was a meeting with all the leaders and they taught us so much stuff. There has been some pretty big changes happening. But they are all good changes. As a whole mission we have just gotten away from teaching simply, so they came in and showed us a lot of better ways to teach. We have been doing it sense Thursday and we have seen a huge difference! And it makes the work a lot easier for us too. We also just found out that our zone will be doing a little “pilot program” for the mission, within the next couple of weeks we wont be allowed to knock on doors, they want us to work 100% through the members, so it is going to be quite a bit different, especially sense 99% of our new investigators are found by tracting, but we ll see how it goes, i think it should help a lot.
Javier is still doing great, he is already living all the commandments, there really aren’t any concerns. Its weird not having to always be talking about challenges with people and just teach them, he just agrees with everything. Its awesome! We are still workin hard with a lot of those families, its going pretty good. Elder Weeks and I are also still getting along really good, defiantly one of my favorite companions. So thats pretty much everything going on right now.
Mom- So transfers are a week early this time so that missionaries can be home for christmas, they ae on the 17th, but im pretty sure i ll be staying at least one more here, E. weeks has been here forever. So the christmas party is at night? weird. I just got a letter from the primary kids, haha it was pretty funny, tell them i said thanks!
Dad- Dang, Losing by 3 to the steelers.. I bet it was crazy in the city last night. I’m glad its going good at work! By the way, did you change your e mail?
Andy- I’ve actually gone bowling once on my mission, but it was duck pin bowling, and i though it was more fun the regular bowling, everythin is smaller, the ball is like a softball. its sweet.
Jess- Haha i’m glad you forced them to talk, nothing worse then a lesson full of people that dont talk. Thats cool that you get to go snowbording! I guess just go for it, dont get scared, snow is soft
Well i guess that is everything!
Los amo

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