26 November 2012

Everything is going good! Thanksgiving was good, we ended up going to the Branch activity, then after we went to a members house, so we had two dinners. They were pretty dang good too. The Spanish meeting went alright, not quite what i expected, our Branch President was there so we couldn’t talk a whole lot about some of our concerns with the Branch.
We had a huge miracle this week, so starting from a couple weeks ago.. E. Weeks and I were thinking about what we can do different to step things up a little bit and make sure we don’t fall into a rut, so we decided to do something that neither of us had done before on our missions…. for obvious reasons. We decided to start singing during some of our lessons, we both probably have about the same musical talent, so you can only imagine what its been like. So we have been doing that for a couple weeks, and we finally saw the miracle from all the sacrifice. Last week at church there was a new family at church, so we went up at met them at set an appointment and everything, she said she was a member but hadn’t been to church for a long time, and he wasn’t a member. So we showed up at the appointment and we were talking to them and stuff and Javier was talking about how he never really went to church in the past and how now he wants to start going, so they made a list of all of their “family Standards” and he said that they matched up almost perfectly with what the Church. Then he said, i guess all i really want is to be sealed in the temple with my family. It was so sweet! We have met with him a few times since then and he is already living all the commandments and everything. I’ve never been in a situation like this where someone is just 100% ready to go, it almost just seems weird. But it is so cool, so Javier is getting Baptized on the 15th. So that was a pretty cool miracle, really strengthened my testimony about switchin things up and not get stuck in ruts doing the same old stuff over and over.
I’m pretty excited for Dec. It is a pretty intense month with everything, last year the record was broke for baptisms in a month and in a year, and we are going to do it again this month… i guess you could say “its crunch time”
Mom- Sounds like Thanksgiving went well, I’m glad to hear Grandpa is doing better! I still don’t think i really need anything for Christmas.
Dad- haha i wanna see some of the wedding pictures. How do you know that i haven’t grown 6 inches?
Andy- Thats cool you only have 2 weeks left, its flying by! You should go read some of the other things you wrote in year books, just to prepare yourself a bit for the future!
Well, talk to ya’ll next week!
Los amo

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