19 November 2012

Its already Thanksgiving week… pretty crazy eh?
It was a pretty good week this week, a ton of cool stuff going on. I think the best part about being a zone leader is just being able to know all the other missionaries and hearing all of the miracles that happen.
Things are going good with the Cano’s, but they didn’t come to Church so we have to change there date, they really want to get baptized, we just gotta strenthen there faith a little bit so that they stop working on Sundays. But they are a sweet family!
There was a little bit of drama in the Branch this week, our branch mission leader is kind of an interesting fella…. He sent out a text to the whole branch this week inviting everyone to a Thanksgiving activity at the Church, but he didn’t ask the Branch President, and then at the end he put -President Gallo. So our meeting on sunday morning was a little heated, but there is usually something like that going on haha. Just makes the meeting more exciting. We ve really been tryin to work a lot more with the members, and it is really paying off, they are starting to get really excited. We called one of our members to come out with us that i never would have thought about calling, but after the lesson she said she felt the spirit stronger then she has felt it in a very long time, and that just got her more excited to come with us again.
On wed we are having a Spanish only meeting, and we ve only had one other one since i ve been here, so im pretty excited, it should be pretty dang sweet. Plus i get to see all my old companions and stuff, except Elder Martinez went hame last week, so thats kinda sad. Oh, we just got some exciting news from president, he says for christmas we are allowed to Skype this year, so i ll let you know more about that
mom-  Thats cool that the Packers came to stake conf.! So when does that girl come to my mission… i’m having a hard time remember who that is. thats also pretty exciting that Lindsey gets her call this week! My guess is… Baltimore! The best mission out there. Tell Grandpa i say hello and i hope he get feeling better! As far as christmas goes… Really all i can think of is a belt and lots of candy, sorry, i just dont know what else
Dad- As far as thanksgiving goes, we aren’t sure what we are doing yet, but im not too worried haha. Thanks for watching out for Pathy for me! Im sure Ty is takin good care of her haha
Andy- Sounds like the girl drama is pickin up again, that exciting. Wow, that was quite the revelation about Sam. 
Well, thats all for today
Los amo

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