13 Nov 2012


Sorry i couldn’t email yesterday, I guess it was a holiday.

Things are going good here, still working with a lot of those families and finding more! We found a pretty cool family last night that has a lot of potential, so that is pretty cool. Things are a little slow with the families but we are tryin to pick it up a little bit. The Canos are on date for the 25, They want to be baptized, they just need to keep coming to church!  Alex Navarrete was also baptized on saturday, that was really awesome, just mainly to see the changes that he has made. It was really cool when he bore his testimony at the baptism. It also really cool cause his whole family has been baptized within the last 3 months. There was also another really cool miracle, this happened in one of the English areas. They got a phone call from a guy that has been to church for like 15 yrs with his family, and he said that he wanted to start hearing the lessons, so they asked him why. He said that he had been reading the book of mormon for the last 2 weeks and he knows it is true and he wanted to be baptized. So the mission pres. was called, he was interviewed and got baptized an hour and a half later. It was so sweet! and all that just cause he finally started reading the book of Mormon,

Oh by the way, we got call outs yesterday, E. Weeks and I are both staying here, so that is good, Im glad it turned out that way. Only two missionaries are being transfered in our zone this transfer, which is quite strange, but thats ok cause the zone is dominating right now.  Surprisingly we haven’t been hearing much about the elections, which is good, a couple people have commented on it, but nothing big. Has it been a big deal over there?

Mom- Thats too bad about Grandpa :( Tell him that i hope he gets better! Thats crazy that Matt and Nate are gonna be in the same mission!

Dad-We have just gotten a little rain, no snow yet! But we actually do still have to share the car, so we are still on bikes everyother day. Oh, and i was thinking the other day that it might be nice to have a thumb drive thing, could you send me one of the extras around the house at christmas?

Andy- Sounds like things are going good, have you heard more about the job at apple?

Jess- How did the lesson go?

Ty- What have you been up to lately?

Well, tahts all this week!

Los amo


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