5 November

This week has been a pretty good week, not as much service as i would have expected, but everyone is still talking about the hurricane. Its kinda nice though, they have something bigger to talk about then Mitt Romney, so that is good.
We also had a pretty good week with the missionary work, we found 2 more really cool families! Also two of the other families we are teaching came to church, so that was way awesome that they came. The Cano family use to have a bapt. date but they didn’t make it to Church. But now that they came to Church will hopefully be baptized this month. Its really cool, we are working with some really awesome people right now. There is also a guy, Alex Navarrete, that is probably going to get bapt. this weekend. His wife was the lady that was baptized at the beginning of the Transfer, and his 3 kids were bapt. in Sept. So the work is going really good right now. There is a lot of good stuff happening, we just gotta keep it rolling. The Zone is also doing awesome, especially this last week. I guess there is something about a big hurricane that makes people want to go to church haha.
I cant decide if it is good or bad that tomorrow is election day, its gonna be nice just so that people will stop asking us about voting and all that, but at the same time i feel like people are going to say a lot of stuff if he loses or wins, so i guess we will see.
Mom- Ya, i wouldn’t be surprised if we got 12 inches of rain. I did get the package, thank you! As far as christmas, i think the only thing i need is a belt.
Dad- Ya i heard New York got pretty pounded. So syracuse is pretty good, do you think they ll take it?
Andy-We are on the 3rd floor so we didn’t get water or anything, we didn’t have really any damage besides missing some shingles
jess- That should be cool teaching the class! thats too bad you were sick.
Well im gonna try and send some pics to ya’ll in a different e mail, sorry i didn’t take very many
Los amo!

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