31 October 2012

Hey! Happy Halloween
So we survived the Frankin Storm (thats what people have been calling it out here). It was a pretty exciting couple of days! We didn’t really know a whole lot about it, we had just heard that there was a Big Hurricane coming. But on saturday the stake had a meeting with the Relief Society about making sure everyone had 72 hr kits, even the missionaries, but our Relief Society President doesn’t speak english, so i dont think she knew what was going on, but it actually turned out pretty good for us, a ton of people brought us food and water, i think we have something like 190 bottles of water in our house right now haha. But it started raining saturday nightish, but it started getting real bad monday morning. President said that we couldn’t leave on Monday at all… so we were stuck in the Apt. all day. That was pretty rough! It was quite boring. But we managed to make a kite, it held up pretty good for a coulple minutes during the Hurricane. But besides that we were pretty dang bored. the worst of it was monday night, but by tuesday is was just raining with a little wind, not a ton of damage though, we helped a memberthat got flooded pretty bad, at one point there was like 3 inches of water in the basement. There were also a ton of trees that had fallen, in our Apt complex a tree landed on 2 cars. I forgot my camera, but i ll try to send pictures next week. It was pretty cool though, it was my first time experiencing a Hurricane!
Last week we also got a visit from a 70. It was a pretty awesome meeting, It was Elder Koelliker. It was really cool, before and after the main meeting with all the Missionaries we got to have meetings with him, so it was really cool to be a personal setting with him. But sadly the Hurricane kinda took most of the attention this week. Im really excited for Halloween tonight though, i want to knock all night! Its probably the perfect time to knock too, everyone will open the door! And hey, we might get some candy too.
The work is going good right now too, we are still working with those families, its just been kind of slow. This week was just a little bit weird for missionary work
Mom- Thats good you got to go see grandpa! tell him that i said Hey! Ya, the next little while is going to be pretty crazy with all the new missionaries! thats cool we get another Weber kid out here.
Dad- Snow storm last week and its 75 today? wow. Thats good BYU won. Who all is in the Playoffs in the Reigon?
Sorry but i gotta go!
Los amo!

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