22 October 2012

Its been a pretty crazy week here for us! There really wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, just a ton of stuff going on. It was probably the busiest week of my mission so far, and we are planning on having another one just like it this week! We have two families that are really close right now, The Bello’s and the Cano’s. The are so sweet. It so good being able to teach families, its just harder to find them out here. But its so worth it to find them. I went on exchanges with the assistants this week in the city, one of the sketchist areas in the mission, its pretty crazy. Pretty much everyone we talked to talked about their drug problems and a whole bunch of other stuff. It just makes me so much more grateful for our family and all the blessings we have. This week we also help out one of our members that had some car trouble and got stranded with his family, I’m glad we got to help them out, but it also just made me realize how hard life is for most of these hispanic famlies that are living here. They are  awesome people, and they all work more then anyone else, but still hardly have enough money to support their families. But you can definatly tell the difference between those that have the gospel, they just seem a lot happier even though life is pretty tough.
This week Elder Koelliker is coming to the mission, its should be pretty sweet, he is coming on thursday. I’m not sure what to expect, but I’m excited.
Mom-That’s cool that the Missionaries stopped by! when was the last time missionaries stopped by our house? i wonder what knocking is like in Utah.. On exchanges we usually just spend a day with the other missionaries and help them with stuff they are struggling with. Thats pretty weird that they told the players that the coaches were getting fired. The weather here has been pretty nice, in the 60-70 range. By the way, i may need some more adderol soon
Dad- Ya, its gonna be pretty interesting when all the new missionaries start coming in. Thats good the job is pickin up! Ya, sounds like its been a pretty interesting football year, hey, do you remember some of the names of the mexican soccer teams we use to watch, like cruz azul and stuff? My knee is doin alright, and I’m still exactly 180 lbs. haha but i feel like I’ve lost some muscle. We work out in the mornings, but its hard cause we dont really have any equipment, so I’ve pretty much just been running and doing pull ups ha
Andy- Sounds like there is some pretty good stuff hapening with all the jobs and stuff, that would be cool to still be able to use the Dutch. Ya, last week was the first week you’ve missed, you have been doing pretty good. So it seems like there hasn’t been as much girl drama this year?
Jess and Sam- Thats cool that you got put into the Young womens, that should be pretty fun! How do you like your ward? HOw is the job going? I bet Park City was pretty fun, you should have stopped by the cabin! Sam, that pretty dang crazy about the jump in mission papers, im excited to see what happens!
Ty- Well… how do ya feel? I know i was a sad after the last game senior year. What is everyone thinkin about getting new coaches? That is pretty stupid that they told you before your last game. But hey, it sounds like you had a pretty dang good season! I wish i could have seen ya play. But good job man! You made it through 4 yrs of football without any major injuries, thats pretty inpressive.
Well, gotta go!
Los amo

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