8 October 2012


Everything is still going good out here! The good changes are going well, its not a whole lot different because it feels like i am in the same place, but at the same time its quite a bit different, just cause there are a lot of other things you need to focus on, but i’m really liking it. My new comp is Elder Weeks, He is from california he is awesome, i am excited to be his comp cause he is a really good missionary, and we get along really well. I actually lived with him in Towson for a transfer, and then the last two in Frederick, so at the end of this transfer i will have lived with him for about 6 months in total, so we already know each other pretty well. And he actually worked at a mortuary before the mission, so we have that in common haha. The work is going good too, there are a few families that we are teaching and they are way cool, so good things are happining. I am exctied to be in this area, we evern get fed a little more often! One of the new missionaries that just got into the mission and zone went to weber, he is from Huntsville. So its kinda cool to see him out here, His name is Andy Maxwell.
Conference was good, we ended up watching them in spanish at the church with our investigators. Pretty cool about the New mission ages, i think over all it should be good, so a lot of people dont have to wait a year after high school, i think a lot of people fall away during that time. But we ll see what happens!
Mom- I like this area a lot. Thats cool that Lindsay is getting already to go! When can she leave? Thats crazy that some of my friends are alerady coming home…. Christmas!? sheesh it feels like you jsut asked aoubt my birthday
Dad- Ya, this was the easiest transfer i ve ever had, just had to move my stuff one room over haha. Sounds like a pretty interesting football week. The last couple days the weather has been a little cool here too.
Andy- Thats cool about the web design stuff, so wait, whats going on with apple? But ya, we have actually been trying really hard to do what they said in conference about pictuing the people already members and stuff, and its actually working pretty dang good
Andersons- Thats too bad about your job, hopefully it gets better! You ll just have to make it fun! Sam- We actually took an investigator to the temple this week, so that was sweet, but we couldn’t go in:(
Ty- Thats too bad about football, but it sounds like you did pretty dang good with those big guys! So with this new missionary age, does that mean you are gonna leave before i get back?
Well, thats all for this week! talk to ya later!
Los amo

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