1 October

Everythings is going pretty good here, this week has been good.
There are some changes though….. Today is call outs for transfers, and surprisingly.. im being transfered again. I was pretty surprised just cause i ve only been here two transfers, again. I’m excited for a new area, and i have an idea of where im going, but i dont wanna try and predict it so i wont say. It’s kind of interesting though, it just seems like i get transfered a ton! The longest i have been in one area is 3 transfers, and all the rest for 2 or less. Im pretty sure i ve had more areas then anyone in the Mission, and I’m only half way done. Its cool getting to see all the areas and stuff, but its still hard just cause there are a lot of people really close to baptism here. Not to mention that i really liked training. But oh well, i guess i ll let you know next week where i end up.
The Work is going good here we have two people really close to baptism, and then Rene when he can get everything taken care of. We also found a way awesome family the other day, and we have had two sweet lessons with them, so that was really exciting. Things have been going a lot better with the district though, i went on exchanges and was pretty bold with them, the’ve just been having problems keeping the schedule, like taking to long for lunch going to bed late, and stuff like that. but i think it’s going better now. We had another leadership meeting this last week, it was pretty cool, i learned a lot. I’m pretty excited for general conference this weekend too, thats always a good boost!
Mom- So for general conf. its just kind of our choice, it will depend a lot on our investigators. And yes we get to go to all 5 sessions. As far as meals go… haha we have averaged about 1 a week since i have been here, so that has been a little slow, and my cooking hasn’t improved much, so i ve been eating a lot of potatoes, fast and cheap!
Dad- Thats too bad the job is slowing down, so are you looking for other stuff too? Or are you gonna stay there? Well, i’m glad BYU got a good win haha
Andy- Thats good that you ll get the job with apple! Ya i had to be pretty blunt on our last exchanges and it worked, so i guess that is the key sometimes.
Andersons- So guesss what, we all gave talks on the same day! i had to give a talk yesterday too! How’s the new job jess? sam- We didn’t get to see the Temple dedication, and the DC temple is just out of our mission boundaries, so we cant go.
Ty- Thats too bad about Fremont, but it sounds like you had a good game, dont let one play bring ya down. So you are going on dates with sarah again? i havent heard about her for a while.
Well, i actully just got a call from president while i was writing this e mail, I got called to be a Zone Leader. I ll still be spanish, I ll actually still be living in the same apartment. I ll just be serving on the North side of Frederick, I’m glad it worked out this way though, cause now i can still see all the stuff happening in Frederick south, my last area. Well i gotta go now, talk to ya later
los Amo!

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