24 September

This week was good, a little tougher then they have been lately, but thats ok, i guess we need those every once in a while.
We have been still working a lot with the same people, and also been finding some new people, but a lot of the new people havent seemed way solid. We have been focusing a lot on the members, we decided that we needed to have a stronger relationship with them. We have been working on trying to “train” the ward mission leader too, our branch president told us that he wants us to make him a leader. And honestly.. its been kinda tough. He is a good guy, but he could definatly improve his attitude. but we are workin with him. I went on exchanges this week and i felt like i was pretty bold with the dirstrict, but i guess i still need to be even bolder cause things are still going the same. But actually one of the missionaries in the district broke his collar bone and had to go home, and the new Elder that came in seems pretty solid, so that is good.
We had a little Frederick excitment last week, last monday we were doing some knocking and all the sudden a cop came flying into this little set of town houses with his spot light on, then a helicopter came and was spotlighting everywhere in this little little block that we were on. Then the cop came out and asked us if we had seen two hispanic guys running around cause there was an armed robbery down the street and they came over to where we were. But we hadnt seen anyone. So the helicopter was flying around for a while longer, and we got spotlighted twice (so you all need to watch the next couple episoded of cops!). ZThen they ended up catching the guys about 200 feet from where we were knocking. So that was pretty exciting.
Rene, our investigator that has some pretty serious issues with the commandments, has been changing a ton! It has been pretty dang amazing to see the changes he has been making. I have never seen anyone change so much because of the gospel. He told us that he wants to be baptized, but because of the problems he has to wait a little bit. The problem is that he might have to move to get away from the problems, but he doesn’t want to move and have to start this thing all over again with the missionaries. So we are still working things out with him, but man, what a tesimony builder!
Mom-Ther are about 20 spanish missionaries in the mission, and i think around 160 in total. Our areas are quite a bit bigger then the english areas, we cover 3 english areas, and a lot of the other spanish areas cover the whole zone. If we knock into someone that speaks english then we will teach them a lesson and then pass them over to the english missionaries, and there has actually been a lot of people baptized from that. And yes, there are usually pockets of hispanic people, but those pockets are usually the harder ones to teach cause they arent established. The ones in houses are more established, but are usually a lot more into their other religion
Dad-Sheesh, it sounds like it has been a crazy couple of BYU weeks, thats too bad about Utah, why does he keep going for two!? The weather here has been pretty dang nice the last couple of weeks, Haha im glad you got new speakers. We may need to install a stop light in the driveway
Andy- Haha thats unfortunate about the job situation, i hope apple comes through! It sounds like the girl situation this year is a lot like the one last year.
Jess and Sam- That sounds like a pretty cool job, is it full time?
Ty- It sounds liek you had a pretty awesome game friday! good job man! Keep it up, I hope you guys destroy Fremont this week, Just keep doing what you are doin. Tell Kev i said hi, im glad he still gets to go to Mexico
Well, talk to ya ll next week
Los amo

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