17 Sept

Things are still going good here, this week wasn’t quite as good as last week, but it was still good. We have just been having a hard time keeping in contact with our investigators. Norma got another part time job, so she literally works all day, 7am-8pm. And a lot of the other people live kinda far away and dont have phones, so its hard getting a hold of them too. Sadly, things with Alvaro are still the same, its been hard helping him make the changes, and right now he isn;t really progressing:(. We are always finding new people though, so that is good, but we are really trying to find solid families, that has been our main focus lately. We have been finding them, but its just harder getting in and teaching them. Training is still going good, we are still getting along good and working hard. There have been a little bit of problems with the District though, they just arent being as obedient as they could be, its hard trying to help them with that kind of stuff, i think i need to be a little more bold with them. I think the problem is that they just dont see the inportance of it, cause they are all still having success even when they aren’t being exactly obedient.
So today for P day we went fishing, there is a member in the english ward and they own a little camp fround with fish ponds. But the best part was just talking to them. they are two single 50 year old rednecks. They were both rocking some pretty sweet overalls and some pretty admireable beards. They were full of interesting stories. But, i did catch a fish! and my companion caught 9 haha
Mom-That cool you are back in the young womens. that should be fun. I hope the BBQ goes well, tell them all i said hey!
Dad- So I’m assuming you are at work, but everyone in there emails this week said somethin along the lines of, well, the BYU game was a little frusterating, but i’m sure dad will fill you in on it. So i still dont even know what happened!
Andy- Thats cool you are now teaching at church, that should be cool, i usually have to teach Gospel principals every coulple weeks. Well im glad to hear that there is a bit of potential in your new ward
Jess- That sounds like a pretty good job for ya, where are you looking to work?
Ty- It sounds like you are doing pretty good this year,  just dont let those little mistakes get you down, just stay confident. YOu are a good player! I hope Kevin is ok, how did his lung collapse? haha too bad you had to buy a new amp for that little fuse, but hey, bigger is better:) Just so you know it would probably make a pretty big difference if you got or made another/bigger sub box, that one is kinda bad. Oh, and mom told me you are the new 1st assistant, congrats! Just make sure to do a better job then i did! its more important then you might think, i have regrets.
Well that all for today!
Los amo

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