10 Sept

Well, it has been another good, really busy week!
There has been a lot of good stuff happening the last little while, we have found some pretty awesome people lately. We found a house last week and everytime we go back we find a new person that has been to the church before in there country. I think we might stop by there daily haha, the only problem is that its pretty far away, its about a 35 min drive. We also have another investigator, Norma, that was almost baptized in El salvador 12 years ago, but she was going to be coming to the US a week later so the missionaries said she should wait til she gets to the US then find the Church.. well she found it 12 years later, and the cool thing is that we found her just knocking on a random door. So things are going pretty good! We have specialized trainging tomorrow, so i’m pretty excited for that, they are usually pretty good. We are still working with Alvaro, sadly, things are still the same, but we are still hopeful, its just gonna take a little more time then we thought. But things are going good! Elder Herzog is pretty cool, we get along really good, the two companions i have had from texas are my two favorite companions.
There is a giant apartment complex by a pretty big sports complex where we do about 75% of our work, and everyday they have football and soccer practices there and saturdays are game days, it makes me trunky, i kinda miss that stuff. I’m just lucky that we can play soccer on P-days, That helps a lot more then you might think haha.
Mom-haha poor ty, i bet he misses andys tv. so since you dont work at the dentist office anymore does that mean i dont get the good hook up with new toothbrushes? haha
Dad- It sounds like it was a good football week last week, and another good one this week! thats pretty sweeet that utah state beat Utah!
Andy- Hows idaho treating ya? any “Potentials” in your new ward?
The Andersons- Hows married life going?
Ty- Sounds like you guys played pretty good on Friday, Mountain Crest is always pretty dang good. Thats awesome that you stopped them 3 times on fourth down! I love when that happens, it gave me goosebumps when i read it! Good luck this week!
Well, gotta go!
Los amo


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