4 Sept

Sorry i couldnt e mail yesterday, the library was closed, and unfortunatly we dont have a whole lot of time today, we just got done with District meeting and still have a couple of other things to do.
Everything is going good though, we are staying pretty busy! We have found a few new people this week that seem pretty solid. We had a mission wide leadership meeeting last week and it was really good. Pres. has been making a few little changes in the mission, they are good, but take a little while to get use to. Our district meetings are now pretty different, but we had our first different one today, and it went really well, we are focusing a lot more on talking about our inv. instead of teaching stuff.
We are still teaching Alvaro, but its still going kind of slow, they are a couple of obstacles we are trying to work through right now. There are a couple new people that had contact with the church before in there own countries, so that is really cool to have found them. One of our other inv that is progressing is Rene. He came to Church on Sunday and really liked it, but he has a few pretty big commandment issues that we have to work on, so it’s probably gonna be a little while before he can get baptized, but we are working hard with him. Training is going really good, I’m still learning a lot everyday, its helping me a ton.
Well i hate to say it, but thats all the time i have today:(
Mom- i did get the medacine
Dad- i hope the job is still going good!
Andy- I need to drive the tt one more time before you sell it
Andersons- Welcome to the Family Sam! We will wrestle in a year! haha
Ty- Guess what, you have another football game this week! Go play it and dont worry about last week, you are a good player! Don’t get down on yourself, you are one of the best players on the team!
Hasta luego! Los amo

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