27 August

It sounds like everyone is doing good! I;m a little short on time today, and there is a lot of stuff going on so ill goona type fast, sorry in advance for all the spelling mistakes.
Well, Im training now, and its actually going great! This last week was one of the best weeks of my mission, so many things happened! First of all, my new comp is a 6 foot 4 inch 230 pound Texan! haha but he is cool, i likek him a lot. He is from austin texas. But he has a really good attitude, and a hard worker, so things are going really well. At fisrt i was a bit stressed out about everything, but now things are going great! He spanish is still pretty rough and doesnt understand a lot, so most the time im pretty solo in the lessons, but its ok, i remember how terrible my spanish was at first. This last week has really helped my confidence though, its just kind of helped me see the difference between when a year ago ( sheesh, already a year) and today. And i feel like i have learned a ton in the last week too, and my spanish has improved, so i definatly feel like this is exactly what i need to be doing right now to help me keep progressing. So just to answer your question mom, no, the work has not slowed down at all, in fact it seems like it has picked up a lot. And i know we were meant to be comps cause we have the same suit! man we look good on sundays! haha
We are still working with Alvaro, and sadly its about the same, but we have a pretty good lesson planned for tomorrow, so that is gonna be awesome. We also have another lady that we found this week that talked to the missionaries in El Salvador, and she was pretty excited to see us, and she even came to church yesterday and really liked it. And we found her just by knocking on a random door. We have an investigator that has some pretty serious law of chastity problems, and we had a lesson with him, and President Richards this week, it was a pretty powerful lesson, afew awkward… really awkward moments. but it was really good, so he has a lot of potential too, so things are really pickin up right now. I wish i had more time!
mom- Tell grandpa i said hey! so who all left form the seminary? Sounds like your anniversary was good! oh i i heard that jantz got his call to uruguay?
Dad- Congrats on the job! are you still taking tures at the football games? i cant belive that it has been 1 yr…
andy_ thats kinda a bummer about the job. so when do you go back to school… any potential investigators ;)
Mrs. Anderson- Well im glad everything went well, sounds like the honeymooon was good, haha thats kinda cool waking up to wolves, i wake up every single night to howling…. my comp snores like nobodys busniess, i ve never heard any thing like it haha
Ty- So you said there are 6 people working at the cemetery, who? Thats too bad about football, i hate games like that! but keep it up! and dont let the dumb people at school get into your head
Well sorry im so short on time today!
Los amo!

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