20 August

Well it sounds like the wedding went good! I kept lookin at my watch trying to figure out what ya’ll would be doing. But i’m glad everything went well, even though it sounds like it was a little crazy at times, That line must have been pretty big. I got the package, Thanks! haha i liked the card board cut out, now you can use it as a decoy in the carpool lane. The new stairs look pretty good too. So you dont even know where jess and sam went for the honeymoon? …..Baltimore?
We got call outs today, Elder Ocasio is getting transfered, so i ll be gettin a new companion this week. This week has been alright, a lot of stuff going on, but a little slower too, if that makes any sense. My companion has been really down lately, and its been kinda bringin the work down. But i cant believe thats its already been another transfer… it flew by. So on friday we went to a church with one of our investgators, man…. it was crazy. It was a pentocostal church, but sheesh.. all i can say is, Our church is the true church. They were all yelling and and a few people were on the ground rollin and stuff. ONe of my favorite parts was the band that plays during the prayers, It was a pretty interesting experience.
We had a lesson with one of the less active families in the ward, and man, that was an interesting lesson. We walked in and sat down, then the dad comes out with a beer in his hand, and it wasn’t his first one of the night. At first it was goin alright, and then i dont know what happened, but he started gettin a bit angry, then he tried to get us to drink, he said if we drank one beer then he would never drink again, that made my comp pretty mad. So it was a little heated there for a while.
Things are good with Alvaro, he is still just having a hard time taking the last step, he says he doesn’t feel worthy of it yet, so we are still trying to figure out if there is anything else that is holding him back. but we should be seein him tonight.
Mom- Well im glad everything went good with the wedding, good work! Ya i cant believe that school starts on wed! thanks for the package! and i hate to say it but im running low on adderol, i should have mentioned that last week, Sorry! You said last time that it might be a little hard to find this time?
Dad- It sounds like the yard turned out pretty good, im excited to see it when i get back! the stairs really do look good though, i like em’. the baseball game was pretty sweet, we were sitting pretty close to 3rd base. Thats good about the job, what kind of stuff would you be doing?
Andy- Thats cool you get to do some work with the DC temple, make it good, it’ll help us out down here! thanks for the Package. That pen is pretty dang sweet, and i like the shirt!
Jess- Well!!?? How is married life!? I’m expecting a big letter from you next week telling me about everything!
Ty- I heard you played pretty good on friday night! too bad how it turned out though, but just so you know, i expect e mails from you telling me abut the games, even though mom and dad do a good job keeping me up to date, i need your point of view too!
Well i gotta go, have a good week! Descasen!
Los amo!

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