13 August

Thanks for all the Birthday wishes, but as far as im concerned i’m still 19, time stops as a missionary. I ll skip 20 and just come home at 21. Sunday morning President Richards called me to wish me Happy Birthday, so after that my comp and roomates found out, haha they were mad i didn’t tell them. It was pretty much a regular day though, but last night we all had swiss cake rolls and they sang to me before i blew out my candle haha. it was pretty cool. Thanks for the package too! surprisingly that didn’t give it away to my roomates. It came right on time too, we were just getting ready to weekly plan and i really wanted some candy, and boom, the doorbell rang. If that’s not a tender mercy then i dont know what is. And dont stress about sending the basketball shoes, just if you can. The baseball game was pretty dang cool, it was kind of weird being there though, we went with Alvaro and his family, they are so awesome. He could be baptized any time now, and he has told us that, there is just something holding him back and he wont tell us what it is. Its hard cause we want to help him, but we cant if he doesnt tell us, we just gotta keep building his faith. It was a pretty good week though, with Zone conference and the baseball game, and we were still able to teach a lot. Zone conferenec was awesome though, different, but still awesome, i raelly like President Richards.
So i ve got this pretty good size rash on my leg right now, i have no idea what it is, I finally called the doctor yesterday and he said he thinks its poison Ivy. I dont know if it is or not cause it is growing like crazy, but im picking up some medacine today so hopefully it’ll gt better. We played indoor soccer today for p-day for two hours, it was awesome, it feels good to play again, then after that we played some basketball for about an hour, so im pretty dang tired, and its our biking day.
Sheesh, its crazy that Jess is getting married tomorrow, to be honest, it hasnt quite set in for me, and it probably wont until i get home. i hope everything goes gerat tomorrow!
Mom- No i didnt get in trouble for the water guns haha. Thats cool you got to talk to jordans parents. I actually heard from him this week! It sounds like he is doing pretty good. Tell Shane i said good luck!
Dad- I’m sure the yard looks great! dont be so hard on yourself! Thats pretty crazy about the wreck! sounds like you should be a stunt car driver, but im glad you are OK! How’s the truck?
Andy-I think i am the District leader and junior companion, but i honestly dont know, in all of my companionships the role of senior and junior compainon havent really been a big deal. It sound like you had a pretty cool week! Oh, and its ok about the package, i imagine things are pretty crazy at the house right now
Jess- Man, tomorrow is the big day! thats so exciting! I’m really excited for ya, everything will go great tomorrow! I’m expecting lots of pictures!
Ty- Senior year coming up!
well, i gotta go, i hope everything goes food tomorrow!
los amo


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