6 August

It sounds like everyone is pretty busy getting stuff ready for next week! It surprised me getting the invitation in the mail… everything just got real haha. It different seeing the invitation then just hearing about it all the time. I didn’t even realize that my birthday was in a week, I still thought it was earlier in August. As far as birthday stuff goes, I’m really fine with anything, i don’t really have any necessities. I was thinkin though that if you wanted to you can send the package after the wedding if its easier for ya’ll and then you can send me some pictures too! And if its possible, could you send out my basketball shoes? If they dont fit it’s ok, we’ve just been playing basketball a lot on p days. Oh, and just a heads up, the new Mission President says that the only approved music is MoTab and classical music. So a bit different then the last music we could listen to.
It was a pretty good week last week, we taught a lot and we have some pretty good progressing investigators. The closest is a family, Alvaro Cisneros and his two kids. We are still working with the wife, we had a really awesome plan of salvation lesson with them though, and she loved it! She said that she has always thought that families should be together forever but her pastor told her differently. We are also going to the Orials Basball game with them on friday night for Mormon night, so I’m way excited about that. Everything is going good with the District leader stuff, last district meeting went really well, i felt a lot more confident. We have Zone conference tomorrow, its the first real zc with Pres. Richards, so that pretty cool.
Last night we were riding our bikes by a park and this Suv pulls up and two Black ladies started freaking out at a group of teenagers, like 15 year olds. And were getting up in there faces and stuff, so we started to try and calm them down and stuff, and it just went down hill.. they were mad. I think thats the closest i’ve come to dying on my mission haha.
We should have another good week this week, it seems like there are a lot of good things happening.
Mom- Haha tearing your shirt at the gym eh? I bet ty was impressed, he isn’t use to that, cause at planet fitness you would have been kick out for that haha.
Dad- I think you should take a vacation after the wedding, sounds like you’ve been working a ton. As far as dinner, i doubt it, haha i dont even think my comp knows my birthday is on sunday. I think i ll just keep tellin people im 19, i dont wanna be 20
Andy- Thanks for the advice, i definatly think i need to start doing that more. Im glad the presentation went well, so you’ll find out by next week?
Jess- In one week its wedding day eve! sheesh, thats crazy. By the way the wedding invitation looked good
Ty- So is football getting pretty intense? YOu should be starting pretty soon
Well, thats all for today, have fun with the last minute preparations!
Los amo

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