30 July

Its been a pretty normal week of missionary work here this week, nothing really out of the ordinary. Thats not a bad thing though haha. It does kind of seem like we are working with a bunch of lazy people though, so this week we are really focusing of finding some good solid people. I’m starting to get a lot more comfortable being District leader though, I think at first I was just a little thrown off, and I think the biggest problem was in my own head. I am the youngest Missionary in the District so I was always thinking that everyone had more experience and stuff like that, but its getting better now. I like being able to go on exchanges once or twice a week too. This week on exchanges we visited a family from Springville/Spanish Fork, and i asked the guy if he new any Staheli’s. He said that he was really good friends with Todd Staheli. And he said he was very said to hear what happened, his name is brother Singleton. I also found out that I went to Pre-school with one of the other Elders in my district, Elder Chambers (not realated to any of the million in North Ogden, that we know of) but that was pretty cool, he is from Washington Terrace.
The weather here has been a little bit better, a couple of days have been pretty hot, but at least we get a break in between. Everyone says that August is the hottest month here… so we’ll find out.
Last night we had a pretty big activity in the Church with all the Spanish Branchs in the Mission, it was pretty cool. It was a fireside called “Porque Yo Creo” or why i believe. A lot of recent converts bore there testimonies then President Richards. It was cool, especially since a lot of the other Spanish Braches were there, and since i have served in 4/6 Zones I knew quite a bit of people there haha.
Mom- Mmmm.. Fresh veggies! Fresh beans sound pretty good right now. The work is goin alright, not quite the same as the last time i was here, but its going
Dad- Sheesh it sounds like I am going to come home to a new house to go along with my new car haha. I am expecting quite a few pictures after the wedding. Steps off the back porch sounds like a pretty good Idea. I do like pres. Richards, I havent had a whole lot of time to get to know him, but we have Zone conf. next week
Andy- Man one more week, seems like you just got there! So when does school start again? Im excited to hear this semesters girl drama
Jess- two more weeks! Where is your new apartment? And what job are you lookin for? Funny thing about popcorn, this week i found a bag of popcorn kernals in the apartment and did a little bit of experimenting and i leaned how to cook popcorn on the stove! not quite as good as a real popcorn machine, but hey, better then nada! Thats also very exciting about the Temple on wed. My only advice, dont worry about it, just relax and enjoy it.
Ty- Have you done anythin exciting this summer?
Well, thats all for today
Los amo!

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