23 July

Hello Everyone!
Things are going well, this week was a bit slower, but its ok.
I like being back in Frederick, It’s a bit different from the last time, just cause its now two areas. I’m in the south, and before we spent 90% of the time in the North, cause thats where all the People and Members are. So its not quite as “fruitful” as it was before, and we dont eat with members nearly as much as before, but there is potential, we just gotta build it up a little bit first. The weather has been a little crazy here too, on our first biking day of the week it was 106, so pretty hot, but then the rest of our biking days it rained, i prefer the rain haha. We have a few pretty solid investigators right now, Alvaro, and his daughter are probably the closest, they have been to church a few times, but there is still somehting holding him up from being baptized, and we dont know what it is. He is a really good guy though, I like him a lot. We have been doing a lot of knocking, but it hasn’t really been too effective. In the district there are 3 other companionships, one of them are the Zone Leaders. It’s been a little bit more stressful being a District leader, it’s been a little slow in the District and I’m kinda having a hard time knowing what to do to pick up the areas. But its ok, it feels like it gets a little less stressful everyday. Typically missionaries usually stay in Frederick for a while, so maybe i’ll be here for a “normal” cycle, but i’m not setting my mind on anything haha.
Mom- As far as birthday stuff goes… all i can thing of is maybe a few cool DI ties, the ones you sent me in the MTC were perfect, so maybe a few more like that.
Dad- haha i could be here for 9 months, i just took the spot of a missionary that was here for 10 1/2 months. So what other stuff are you doin to the house?
Andy- I heard the new batman just came out! was it as good as the 2nd one? thats too bad about your phone… good thing you work for apple!
Jess- Appartments!? Sheesh, i didnt even think about that. Where are you looking at?
Ty- Just about a month til foot ball season!
Well, that is all for today! Thanks for all the E mails!
Los amo

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